Planungs-Ring is an architecture and engineering agency with experience in all areas of development, urban planning, design, building construction and civil engineering works.

We develop and control projects for our clients in urban and residential areas or industrial sites from the development stage to the finished site in every phase of project implementation.

Our services as general planning company include all necessary planning, expert reports and site supervision services.

We integrate teams of outstanding international specialists, engineers, and designers to comprehensively plan, streamline and then smoothly deliver projects.

Our clients benefit from our use of modern simulation software and web based applications throughout the project, enabling all stakeholders to visualize and influence the entire building project as it is planned and developed.

With our international partners we are able to provide our services in almost any country of the world and are eager to help any international investors and companies with their projects in Germany. GmbH Adam Grohs
Dipl.-Ing., Architekt