Company Profile is a well-established expert on architecture, general planning, consultation and support regarding commercial and industrial construction, as well as the modern development of quarters according to any and all certified HOAI performance areas and phases.

We have been reliably planning and conducting tailor-made solutions for our national and international clientele since 1998. While exemplifying innovation and cutting-edge technology during planning, we have also been creating sophisticated architecture that will not only be future-proof but will also synergize with the living environment for generations to come.

As general planners our services encompass everything necessary in terms of planning, expert appraisals, and the supervision of construction. Our employees will do anything in their power to ensure a smooth, successful, and customer-oriented planning process.

Due to the incorporation of many outstanding specialized international teams, engineers, and designers, we are able to provide effortless and efficient planning and execution of complex projects all over the world. From domestic living quarters to industrial production plants, we are equipped to cover your every need.

As should be expected, we also pride ourselves on our expertise and competence with BIM in order to enable planning and designing in an optimized 3d model space. To facilitate a more realistic and complete experience of your planned building we also offer Virtual Reality walkthroughs and modern web-based applications for immediate and well-documented collaboration.

Thanks to our transparent planning process, constant communication and collaborative visualization, our customers benefit from the utmost peace of mind regarding both their involvement in the conceptualization of their idea as well as its accompanying professional implementation.

In cooperation with our international partners AHR and Stantec, we are able to offer our service almost everywhere in the world, while also supporting international investors and corporation in all their performance phases in Germany. GmbH Adam Grohs
Dipl.-Ing., Architekt